Putting the ‘Cristal’ in Cristal Palace?

Friday, March 19th, 2010

The C, the R, the Y, the S, the T, the A, the L, it's me - it's Didddddddyyy

Every morning I wake up and peruse the latest rumours on the BBC’s football gossip column and almost inevitably, there’s something so ridiculous I spill my cup of tea.

Last month it was the whisper that Barcelona were interested in none other than Man United utility player, and winner of the most boring man in football: John O’Shea. The image of Pep Guardiola at training one day thinking: “Now I’ve got Messi, Puyol, Iniesta, Henry but there’s something missing… I’ve bloody got it! We need John O’Shea, that’s the missing piece in the Nou Camp puzzle!” actually made me laugh out loud.

I thought it couldn’t get funnier, but then this week what did I see but rapper P Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Combes wants to buy crisis club Crystal Palace. Now when we are talking about the weirdest celebrity/football club partnerships this is pretty impressive…

But not even an “exhausted and emotional” (not pissed or anything) Delia “Lets be avin you” Smith can top the potential marriage of bad boy for life Diddy and the swiftly plummeting eagles.

A spokesman of Diddy’s has confirmed interest and apparently it’s mainly down to the fact he likes the name (has he never heard of Accrington Stanley!?).

So, with all this in mind, here is my attempt at a ‘ghetto’ Crystal Palace XI that P Diddy would be proud of…

Manager: Flava Dave Bassett

Goalkeeper: Julian Sperhomie

Centre Back: Fan "Warren G" Zhiyi

Centre Back: Clint "Cypress" Hill

Right Back: Emmerson "Beastie" Boyce

Left Back: Danny Nellyville

Centre Midfield: S "Diddy" Derry

Centre Midfield: Allassane Get Rich N'Diaye Tryin'

Right Midfield: Lil Wayne Routledge

Left Midfield: Julian Gray Z

Striker: Dr AJ

Striker: LudaCris Armstrong

Let me know your thoughts on this potential partnership – match made in heaven? Or is Diddy one sugar daddy Palace don’t need?

Oh and if anyone knows Diddy make sure he reads my blog, it may well encourage him to part with his hard-earned cash.

7 comments on “Putting the ‘Cristal’ in Cristal Palace?

  1. Jack says:

    I’d like to challenge barcelona’s thoughts of signing o’shea (if those thoughts ever entered peps perfect little mind). Can you think of the last time he made a defensive mistake? he’s got 4 premiership medals, an fa cup medal, two league cup medals and a club world cup medal. He plays left back, centre back, right back, defensive midfield and centre midfield, even in goal. He’s made 58 caps for Ireland. He started his career at man utd and has performed really well when required (233 appearances!) covering the injuries of some fantastic players (gary neville, rio ferdinand, vidic, patrice evra and any of united’s midfielders) over the last 5 years. He hasnt moaned once about getting regular first team football and been a model squad player, a model professional. On that basis, i think any manager in the world would consider him for their 23 man squad.

    Regarding what this blog is actually about, i think p-diddy buying palace would be really really funny, but potentially damaging for the club. American owners don’t seem to be popular.

    Sweet blog x

    • gregnewcombe says:

      fair enough maybe i was a bit harsh on o’shea i still think its more about the type of player he is and his footballing personality do you really think he is the sort of player barcelona would try and sign!?

  2. charlottelily89 says:

    The picture comments made me laugh loads. I read this yesterday too. Everyone knows PDiddy loves his Cristal !!!!!!!!!

  3. Jack says:

    Barca’s main problems occur at the back, Dmytro Chygrenskiy, Carlos Puyol and Gerard Pique seem to make a few mistakes, it would be an unbelievable signing, sure, but not a stupid one.

  4. Howard Gray says:

    Great reason to buy a club: he loves the name… Mind you beggars cant be choosers!
    Get Rich N’Diaye Tryin’

  5. Tomm Johnson says:

    Surely, if one is to buy a club based only upon it’s name, Techno Welshpool is the only choice?

  6. incredible blog mannnnnnn.
    loving it every time i come here!!

    huntley x

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