Friend or Foe?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

The unthinkable has been suggested. Cheltenham Town may ground share with their fiercest rivals Gloucester City which will give the latter a home, and us, some much needed money, but the proposition has divided opinion between both sets of fans.

I am slightly too young to remember Cheltenham/Gloucester derbies but have grown up  with an inherent dislike for our neighbours – joining in with the “We hate Gloucester” songs at games with vigor. However, with Gloucester City lying in the bottom half of the Blue Square North the rivalry has lost some of it’s gravitas which leads me to the question – why not ground share?

Now don’t get me wrong, when I first heard the idea  I was totally against it and part of me still is, but, in a time when we need all the money we can get it’s hard to see how we can turn it down. Yes there might be some trouble but I think with the right organisation, the majority of it can be avoided. Also, this might be the helping hand Gloucester City need to begin their descent up the leagues and if that was the case wouldn’t it be great if we could reignite this rivalry in League Two and beat them (4 or 5 – 0 preferably).

Ground shares have been suggested in the past for great enemies like Arsenal and Spurs and even Liverpool and Everton but have never made it, mainly down to fans’ opinion and to be honest,  they were probably right. But right now, at League Two level and in our current financial position, maybe we should let the Tigers into our back yard…

just not for too long though eh?

Let me know what you think about rivals sharing grounds and whether you would be happy to do so if it was your team!

2 comments on “Friend or Foe?

  1. Maxi Hobbs says:

    Another good post mate.

    For me it’s all about money. The board will only let this go ahead if we get something out of it. If our pitch deteriorates and it costs over 20k then is there much point? I can only imagine Gloucester can’t be paying us much for rent but if it’s enough to give us a profit from the deal then I’m all for it. However, if we aren’t going to make anything worth while, tell them to bugger off.

    The fact it narks the Gloucester fans right off makes it even better mind.

  2. T Winks says:

    I think you should go one step further and just become Gloucestershire United. A new ground just off Junction 11, accessible to all and to top it all off you could replace that dump Kingsholm and put rugger on their too!

    Double attendances, bigger ground, more money… all makes sense.

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