Massey Attack

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Warnock imagines punching Trevor Massey in the head, twice.

Every year some pundit starts to question whether the FA Cup has “lost it’s magic”, and every year that same pundit chokes on his microphone as games like yesterday’s match at Selhurst Park, reaffirms the FA Cup’s place in the hearts of players and fans alike.

The 2-2 draw between cash-strapped Crystal Palace and fourth-place premiership contenders Aston Villa had all the ingredients of a great cup tie – sublime individual skill, a “David Vs Goliath” match up, and of course, controversy. which leads me to the subject of this post – Neil Warnock.

Now Warnock divides opinion amongst football fans, you either love him or you hate him, personally I am in the first camp so when I read his latest rant about assistant referee Trevor Massey I whole heartedly agreed with him.

If you didn’t see the game, Palace were 2-1 up after a stunning 35-yard free-kick from Darren Ambrose that dipped and swerved and bamboozled Villa keeper Brad Friedel.

Palace looked like seeing out an important win both for footballing and financial reasons until the 87th minute when Villa were wrongly awarded a corner kick. As Speroni made a great save from a John Carew header, the ball cannoned off the head of Nathan Delfouneso and out for a goal kick, or so everyone thought. Unfortunately for Palace (and Neil Warnock’s heart) linesman Trevor Massey proceeded to advise referee Kevin Friend to award a corner kick to Villa, which they then scored from.

Now Warnock has come out and said that he hopes Massey is suspended “for a long time” and I have to agree with him. I understand that everyone makes mistakes but when the mistake is that expensive to a club like Crystal Palace it becomes more than just a case of winning or losing.

Only time will tell whether there will repercussions for Warnock, but, whether you love him or hate him you’ve got to admire the man’s passion, a passion which, I think,  encapsulates the Football League. Lets just hope Palace win at Villa Park and then Warnock can get back to doing what he does best – giving us hilarious quotes like this one…

When manager of Sheffield United, a reporter asked him what he would do if he was the manager of their fierce city rivals Sheffield Wednesday. Warnock replied:

“I would buy some bad players, get the sack and then retire to Cornwall”

*In other news I watched Cheltenham Town’s 1-1 draw with Barnet at Underhill and came away with nothing but a realisation that in Barry Hayles and Julian Alsop we must have the fattest, slowest strike partnership in the Football League – answers on a postcard if you can prove me wrong.

7 comments on “Massey Attack

  1. Tor says:

    Great post.

    Its a toughie, especially when in the last fa cup game against wolves we scored our first from a corner which was an obvious goal kick, the only difference being that after 90 mins that one goal wouldnt have made a difference on whether we won or not as we won by 2 goals. However it was the 1ST goal which could off affected the rest of the game. Anyway, im getting a bit sidetracked here! what im trying to say is its all swings and roundabouts, the past could have always been different, but one thing everyone often forgets is that it is the past, and the past cant be changed. Sometime you have to just look forward.

    I also agree it was a mistake and it could cost the club, but we can not expect to be treated differently as we need the cash. Yes its a great shame. Look at it this way……no one ever expects to get 100% when taking an exam or an assesment, but you aim to do you best. Im sure Mr massey went into this game intending to do his best, but unfortunatly he didnt get 100%, and unfortunatly his mistakes potentially lost the club a lot of money.

    I dont think anyone should get annoyed with it to much as we dont no what the future holds. Mr massey could have earned us extra cash, if we beat villa at villa park we gain even more revenue! so lets not jump the gun. We were good enough yesterday and there is no reason we wont be on weds 24th

    Always look forward, life throws all things at us, but everything has a path! Lifes what you make of it, and there was a lot of good things about the game. On and off the pitch, from the performance to the atmosphere. Football is not abut winning, its about enjoyment and I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. I felt gutted at the end, but only cos I thought to much about what could have been.

    So to conclude this very long and unorganised comment, i agree mr massey made an obvious mistake, but i dont think we should get on his back to much. I think warnock has the right to feel hard done by but there is a bigger picture.

  2. George Wright says:

    Great post again Greggo.
    Although I don’t know whether I agree with the comment about the linesman being banned for a long while, I don’t know what it would achieve. As Tor said, it comes in swings and roundabouts and at the end of the day they’ve got a replay against Villa and who’s to say they won’t go and do what Reading did to Liverpool.
    With regards to Warnock, he’s a dying breed and there aren’t enough left like him. Manager’s have become so Media savvy now, there aren’t enough Clough-esque heart-on-sleeve, likely to say something daft in the heat of the moment managers anymore. Although I do disagree with what he said I love the fact he said it.

  3. jackdag23 says:

    Apart from the life lessons that yesterdays game taught us (good comment tor) i definitely disagree that the lino should be suspended “for a very long time”. Mistakes are made every week in football, some are more costly than others but thats simply down to the timing of the mistake. No one would care if he made a mistake for a free kick on the half way line on 35 mins. As football fans we have to accept that we are a fickle bunch, we shout at the ref even though he’s made the right decision and we berate linesmen when decisions go against us, but its really fun. As for Neil Warnock. He adds entertainment, thats obvious, but i think its often easy to forget that his ‘toy’s out the pram’ rants coud have an adverse effect on the very message he’s trying to convey.

    But I could be wrong.

  4. Mike Sholly says:

    “I would buy some bad players, get the sack and then retire to Cornwall” Genius quote!
    Another thoughtful look at the controversy the world of football produces… Video technology anyone????

    • Tor says:

      But the controversy is a part of the game, mistakes sometimes help create these football fairy-tales. It’s a part of the game.

      Video technology would slow the game down to much, and even with video technology it still requires a person to make a decision and they can still get it wrong. Look what happened to the England rugby team in the world cup i think it was, perfectly good try disallowed. Video technology can create an even bigger issue when a mistake is made as people expect there to be no excuses.

      Maybe it could be used but not to the extent in which rugby use it. maybe only for those moment when the ball crosses the line and no one see’s (i.e freddy sears against bristol city)

      • gregnewcombe says:

        I think that goal line technology is something that there is no reason for not having it to be honest but as far as video refs etc I really don’t think its worth it. I hate the new system in cricket with the 3 “referrals” it slows the game down, takes respect and power away from the umpire and still doesn’t always solve the problem! If it works this badly in a game like cricket where there are more natural stoppages it would never adapt to football.

  5. jaysensi says:

    Loving the detail of your blogs Greg. I know next to nothing about sports lol so unfortunately I can’t join in with argument, but well done

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